Many businesses struggle to keep up with their accounting and bookkeeping work while trying to perform sales and marketing duties as well as keep up with servicing their customers. This is where Perpetual Resources, Inc. can help. We can take over just the accounting and bookkeeping tasks that you need us to so that you can concentrate on running your business.
Here are some common questions that we encounter:

  • Do you wonder why your bank accounts do not reconcile or your numbers do not balance?
  • Do you wonder why your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable records are not correct?
  • Do you seem to work harder and harder, but your bank balance is not growing?
  • Would you like to understand and analyze your financial statements?
  • Do you wonder if you can do things differently in order to reduce taxes and other costs?

Perpetual Resources, Inc. offers a wide variety of business related services.  From business consulting and tax planning to bookkeeping services and income tax preparation.  Our experienced staff can help manage your accounting tasks so that you can concentrate on running and growing your business.

Perpetual Resources, Inc. can provide supplemental staffing for bookkeeping and accounting to assist you to get your accounting records up to date and accurate. We are experienced in helping firms get back on track with their accounting and establishing systems and procedures to ensure proper accounting.

Want to pay less in taxes? Give us a call. We can review your current situation and determine ways to pay less in taxes, legally!

Taxes are usually a business or individual’s largest expense. We at Perpetual Resources, Inc. specialize in helping you structure your affairs to legally pay less in taxes.