Perpetual Resources, Inc.

Our Services:

Accounting Services
• Bank Account Reconciliation
• Bookkeeping and Invoicing
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Payroll
Business Consulting
We are able to help you determine how you may be able to reduce costs, increase revenues or even how you may improve your business operations.
Business Entity Selection
How to use business entities to help reduce risk and income taxes.
Tax Services
We provide Income Tax Preparation services for Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations as well as tax planning and estimating.
Cost Segregation
Cost Segregation is a strategic, tax-saving tool that can be used by companies and individuals who have constructed, purchased, expanded, or remodeled any kind of commercial real estate. Cost segregation allows the owner to take advantage of accelerated depreciation deductions and defer federal and state income taxes.
Cyrpto Currency Tax Reporting
We can advise you on properly reporting crypto currency transactions.
Additional Services
We can review your accounting on a monthly or quarterly basis to help keep your accounting up-to-date and accurate. This helps avoid end of the year headaches in trying to prepare your books for preparing income tax returns. We can help train you and your staff to use QuickBooks. Our training for new or experienced users is tailored to your business and is on-site at your business location.


Latest News

NOTICE: There have been extensive tax law changes that affect 2018 business and individual tax returns.  These changes include changes to tax brackets, a higher standard deduction, elimination of personal exemptions, how business income is taxed and many other changes.  We can help you navigate these changes and to position yourself to take maximum advantage of these changes.

Work with a professional to make sure that you are legally paying the least amount of tax possible.

Don’t miss out on late tax changes when preparing your 2018 income tax return. Contact Us for more information. Want a FREE tax organizer? Contact Us and we will send you a FREE tax organizer for 2018.